Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts on Oscar Grant

On Tuesday, I went to work to be surprised by the sight of a cardboard sign in the front window.
It had "We want Jutice!" scrawled in crayons in upper case letters.

All across Oakland, these signs adorn businesses...along with hastily erected plywood barriers, metal grilles, and police cars. It's a charm against looting, and a hope that windows will not be broken.

At the corner of 15th and Broadway, young African American men pass out posters demanding justice for Oscar Grant. They're decked in hoodies and camo pants.

While my condolences are with the young man's family, I think this is a big mess.
The police officer will be indited for manslaughter, not murder (no premeditated intent).
As a result, people will probably take to the streets.

As for me...I'm still coming in to take care of my patients.

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