Saturday, June 14, 2014

Traveling tips

I'm on my way to a wedding--red eye flight.  This is my first non business related trip in a long time.

Here are tips that keep me from going crazy:

1. Good Luggage--
+mine is slightly smaller than standard, so it won't get rejected.
+great spinners--less strain
+lifetime warrantee
+my policy is one carry on bag, no problem
+packing cubes and folders make for fast TSA approval--no wrinkles, on the clothes at least.

2. Smartphone
+eboarding pass
+infinite maps regardless of terrain
+in a pinch, it accesses currency via PayPal and bank sites
+with the Sleep Cycle App, it acts as a very effective way to combat jet lag.

3. Flashlight
+Mine is the 4sevens quark miniAA.
+you never know when you'll need it, my best use of a flashlight was to explore the ruins of Siam Reap at 3 am.  I believe it was the royal library.

4. GPS
+for any business trip where you need to rent a car, a reliable gps is very useful.
+at 1 am, do you really want to fumble for a map?

5. Portable office
+Mine is a refurbished MacBook Air and a used Fujitsu S1100.
+This combo has been immensely useful for taxes and tracking deductions.

6. A great pen
+In Japan, many are too bashful to speak English.  Signs, pictures and maps are universal.
+Keeping a Journal is a great way to be sane.
+in a pinch, they can be used for personal defense.  

7. Sense of Humor
+this is probably the most important thing for a traveler.
+Delays?  Layovers?  Fodder for jokes or bonding
Ps. If I were the model's dentist, I'd be ashamed.  Look at those hyperextended incisors!  And the embrasures are excessive!  (Yes, I'm a dental nerd).