Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I explored Stanford on Friday by Strida.

Most of the students (and staff) were out of school.
However, I still got some very good tips regarding helping out non-profits.

1. Securing partnerships with private industry.

From Leah at the School of Business I learned that one must "pitch" proposals to a company and outline:
  1. Gain: What will the company gain from helping you?
  2. Exposure: What publicity will they get? Are you touting their product/reputation, or adding it to a long list of "sponsors."
  3. Liability: Where is the event held. How liable will they be if some freak accident occurs?
  4. Goal: What is the goal of your project
  5. Cost: How much will it cost the company to help you? How much time and expense will be incurred.
2. Grassroots involvement.

Amanda (at the Haas center for social reform) recommended that I seek out a local grassroots organization to get an understanding of the true needs of the community as they perceive.

Otherwise, one risks the appearance of being an "elitist outsider."
She pointed me to Youth Uprising.

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