Thursday, July 8, 2010

A really crazy idea

Yesterday, I was walking the streets of Oakland.
I marveled at the wasted potential of the crazy energy coursing the streets.

Well, I'd like to do something about it.

My goal is to provide something for Oakland youths to aim for: higher education, a decent salary, and a higher calling. I'd like to find the best and brightest, and pair them with a life-changing internship in some cool/prestigious institution. Also, I'd like to present them with an ipod.

Here's my crazy idea:
Have a contest with three categories: Academics, Performing arts, Static Art.
Each winner will get a trophy in the form of a customized ipod.
Additionally, the winner will get a fastrack to a valuable internship (which will hopefully pave the way to a great education and the career of their dreams).

This is all fairycake right now.
Before I talk to the schools, I'd like to assess what partners are available.
I'd like to gauge the interest and available partners they are willing to spare.
If I have to, I plan to buy the ipods out of pocket.

Tomorrow, I'm driving down to Stanford and Apple to learn about what's available.
If God permits, I'd also like to drop by IDEO as well.

Can't hurt to try right?

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