Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some bumps

Yesterday, I called Youth Uprising in a vain attempt to get plugged in.

I called in the morning and reached a live person.
When I mentioned that I was interested in volunteering, she immediately shunted me to an answering machine.

You may call me an elitist outsider, but I'm a bit miffed.

Regardless of race or profession, my policy is to try to treat everyone with equal respect.
I do this regardless of whether I'm speaking to world class researchers or janitors.
I'd expect the same thing from any group that I work with.

I may call these people again, but I'm hesitant to waste my time.
I really do feel like the youth of Oakland are not being provided resources that they need.
However, I'm a bit wary of what type of hoops I'll have to jump.

I'll be calling on Dr. Pamela Alston, community dentist and long-time philanthropist in Oakland.

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