Friday, March 15, 2013

CEREC- faster, cheaper, but is it better?

Today, I'm taking Dr. James Klim's CEREC class.

For me CEREC is a mixed bag.

1. It's fast.
No temps. I hate temporary restorations! They break. They fall off. It takes a lot of work to make them look good.
2. It's quickly replaceable.
If it breaks, I can replace it in under an hour. Try that with anything else.
3. It's fun.
CEREC lets me control the margins and occlusal at chair side. I can look at my preps at 3000x.

What I don't like:
1. It doesn't last.
Gold is king. Gold lasts forever. Gold is the only material that offers the level of accuracy and fit that lasts a lifetime.
2. It's not great esthetically.
Hand stacked porcelain with multiple cutbacks are beautiful and stay that way. CEREC crowns lost chroma as the glaze wears off.
3. It's oversold.
CEREC and Invisalign are often sold as the answer to everything. This is because buyers (especially big dental corps) often need to recoup the costs of investment.
With CEREC, costs start at around $150,000 to get the technology.

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