Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something came up

I won't be posting too much because I'll be heading out to rural Cambodia.

It's not a vacation in the usual sense, but it is an amazing opportunity for me to get in touch with a corner of the world where the dental needs are very real.

On 2/17, I'll be flying extra budget class to Phnom Penh via EVA air.
After a day of acclimating, out team will be going into the countryside to the villages to do missionary dentistry using portable operatories, headlamps, and a kerosene generator.
We'll be done on 2/28, but I'll probably have to wait around Pnom Penh until 3/4 due to the Chinese New Year rush of flights.

I'll keep you updated sporadically.

-Matt aka Dr. Goodtooth

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