Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas, and a note about Emergencies

The good thing about having a close relationship with your dentist, is that extraordinary services are sometimes received.

The bad thing, as a dentist, is rendering extraordinary services at inopportune times:

This past Christmas, I received a knock on my door at half past midnight.
It wasn't Santa Claus. It was mom.

She had lost her temporary crown, and was rather agitated. Nevermind that I'd warned her about it for the past three weeks straight. Nevermind that she'd held off making an appointment for six months.

It was mom, and she was in my room.

Later on in the morning, I stumbled into the office under the heavy influence of caffeine. I setup my operatory. I brought my special toys: suction mirrors, surgical light, and a plan B, plan C and plan D. For good measure, I had an E in my little bag of tricks.

The permanent crown went in with no problem, save for mom's tendency to do sit ups at inopportune moments. She'd also lecture me about patient comfort during crown delivery, when I was placing the throat pack.

It wasn't too much of a problem, just a bit annoying. It's mom.
I'd do it for any one of my patients.

Unfortunately, she spent the rest of Christmas bragging about it to relatives.

Note to self: don't take any more relatives as patients.

-Dr. Goodtooth

Note: While mom has occasional bouts of craziness (not limited to chopping down a tree, writing a book, killing crabs, and starting various one-woman crusade for various causes), Dr. Goodtooth and Mom maintain friendly relations and a fair trade collaboration agreement.

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