Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A visit with Dr. Curtis

Last Wednesday night, I had the fortune of visiting Dr. Don Curtis in Berkeley.

He's a respected professor at UCSF, and someone that I admire.
Along with an elite crew of instructors, he instilled in me the importance of rigorous instruction.
He's also a third generation prosthedontist.

When we were chatting, we didn't talk too much dentistry.
There were a couple of casts and some impressions that he wanted to show me.
However, I wasn't too impressed that he's an expert in his field.
I was impressed by how he cares for his patients and for future generations.

When I was waiting for him, a rather distraught lady came in.
She had been terminated from her position in a rather harsh way.
He gave her a sympathetic ear and his undivided time an hour after closing...and he'd do that for any of his patients in a heartbeat.

He's also a true treehugger.
He takes an hour to get to work by bike, BART, and bus although it's 20 minutes by car.

He lives out his convictions in each case that he restores.
Each case is meticulously recorded and built up to spec before it touches a patient.
We believe that it's not right figure out mistakes on the patient.

Dr. Curtis, I salute you!

-Dr. Goodtooth

ps. Opinions voiced are solely that of Mr. Goodtooth of California. These opinions do not represent the opinions of Dr. Goodtooth of Canada or other places. Dr. Goodtooth receives no financial or other benefits from Dr. Curtis. There is also no affiliation with Dr. Curtis aside from being a former student and a friend.

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