Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The power of floss

Flossing is the most hated thing we tell our patients to do.

But it can also save you a lot of money, pain, and disease.

Flossing prevents the most common cavity from forming:
  1. Food/plaque gets stuck between teeth, where the toothbrush won't reach.
  2. This feeds bacteria which secrete acid.
  3. This acid causes the cavity by eroding enamel.
  4. Once the bacterial breaks the enamel layer, much damage ensues.
  • Flossing removes prevents this from starting.
Flossing can also reduce your bacterial load:
  1. Plaque constantly reforms around teeth.
  2. This provides a haven for systemic bacteria to thrive.
  3. These bacteria recirculate to colonize other areas (scars, artificial implants, etc).
  • Flossing removes a haven for bacteria to thrive.
Flossing takes time and money to master.
It costs ~$3 (depending on the floss).
It takes minutes to do (after practice).

If you excuse me now, I feel somewhat guilty.
I'll be flossing in the back....

-Dr. Goodtooth

ps. Dr. Goodtooth does not receive floss for free. He pays for it, and for every patient. If you do have a free source, please email me and let him know.

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