Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random uses for floss

Some people can't be bothered to carry floss.

To them, I say "Bullocks."

Here are some uses for dental floss that I've personally tested:
  • Fixing a teddy bear
  • Fixing some pants
  • Sewing a button
  • Temporary ligature fix a broken umbrella
  • Thread pearls
  • Fishing line
  • Cut cheese/hard sausage/tofu
  • Tie gifts
  • Tie tomatoes to a stake
  • Fix a backpack
  • Tie hair
  • Hang Christmas ornaments
  • Tie/hide chords
  • Mobil
Other uses for floss (that I didn't try):
  • suture material (Not advised. Floss is non sterile, but better than nothing.)
  • ladders (don't do this at home)
  • snares
  • nets
  • clothesline
-Dr. Goodtooth

Any injury from doing stupid things with floss will the responsibility of the person doing it. While floss is amazingly strong, light, and inexpensive, it can also cause much damage if abused. Please not try to use floss to escape from prison, hang yourself (or others) or garrote unsuspecting people. Dental floss is meant for flossing-- and world peace while you're at it.

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