Thursday, March 13, 2014

The kindness of strangers--SFO

I'm at SFO waiting for flight UA-1536 to Vegas.  

At first it's smooth sailings.

At 5:59 PM, I got a call from United airlines warning off possible delays.
I leave for SFO at 7:49 PM (late, I know).
The promised Bart is missing--arrival at 9:00 PM.  No worries...flight at 10 PM.

Then stuff gets messy.  

I get on blue line--wrong way!  At Westfeild, I and a fellow straggler hustle to reverse course: 9:03 PM.  Gate 3 at 9:10.

Meanwhile, UA1536 is noted as on schedule to *leave* at 9:18 PM.

Security check.  Crap!  Nice airplane lady waves me to front--still another row!  9:12 PM.  The couple in front of me graciously lets me pass.  9:14 PM.  Security doesn't body search me (unusual).  9:16 PM.  I barrel to gate 73 and almost knock over a dainty brown haired dude in front of his son.

And the flight is delayed to 10 PM.

Thanks to all the gracious strangers.
I really appreciate your consideration.

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