Thursday, March 13, 2014

I love my job

Some days are awesome--like today.

There's a young lady from LA.  She's a new patient.  It's first time to the dentist by herself.  She says she needs a root canal, and shows me this: 
The dentist in LA lopped off half her tooth.  To their credit, all decay was removed.  Sadly, there was no attempt to temporize things--just a grungy cotton pellet with a spot of dried blood.

So I pray.

The tooth is infected, but the nerve is dead.
The tooth is open.  I file the canal.  The apex locator isn't working, so I pray and feel for the apex.

And God answers.
This is *exactly* what I want.  I finish cleaning and shaping.   Irrigate with my special mix, and fill the canal:
Gracias a Deus!

The rest was fun: build up core with Fuji iiLC.  Reinforce with A2 composite.  Create a layered buildup that looks like God intended:

The tongue side is uglier.  I wanted to make sure that this tooth doesn't get fractured.  (The stain is blood under the composite overlayer--no worries.  It didn't interfere with the core Fuji buildup.

Uurgh.  Ugly.

Anyways, I have to thank God that my patient is out of pain and can smile.

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