Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Faking it

At the place where I'm renting space, I've been helping out with billing when I'm not seeing patients.

Its a test of patience. I've been learning that insurance seriously screws us over more than I thought. On the patient's side, there are always additional costs: increasing % responsible, increasing deductable limits, and the same coverage cap since the 1970's. On our end, we doctors get paid way less each year.

I'm not going to get myself in trouble by stating the actual amounts in question ("confidential" according to the insurance companies), but it's sometimes as stupid as 30% reimbursement or nothing.

Moreover, the music is driving me nuts!

I really, really can't stand the muzak that is playing down here. As a jazz, R and B, rock, indie, (anything but muzak), it's pure torture to listen to the Chipmunks Christmas carol play every five songs. It's pure smaltz with a double dose high fructose syrup.

While I can't do too much about the ripoff known as insurance, I will try to have music that doesn't suck.

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