Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gypsy dentist

Thanksgiving is a nice little sanctuary from the happenings of everything. It's a nice time to enjoy family, friends, good food (hopefully), and reflect of things to be thankful about.

The day after Thanksgiving is another matter.

For me, it's not about black friday, shopping, or the like. Rather, it's a time for me to consider the state of life as a new dentist: bills, student loans, and the pressing need for more work.

I've come to realize that I'll be living like a gypsy for the next year.

Between looking for work, driving to work, and working in different cities each day of the week (if I find more work), I can feel more than a bit of a connection with the Tinkerers, the Romas of yesteryear.

In that spirit, I'm going to build myself a damn good guitar for the road.
I'll keep you posted as I build up my workshop and get the tools that I need.

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