Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drawing pastries

Friday, I enjoyed a rare moment of serendipity.

In my attempts to avoid thinking about dentistry, I went to the beach and tried reading "The Innovator's Dilemma." I had some good orange juice from Trader Joe's, really good Irish cheese, and a really stale bread roll.

I mention tried because the wind had other ideas.
The sun was nice, the wind whipped the sand through my pages.
Kids were playing volleyball on the side.
Kites were in the horizon, pulling surfers over kind waves.

It was too damned beautiful.
And I said, "Dear God, I really am blessed. Thank you."
And started drawing.

Sunday, today, I had another moment of serendipity.

For some reason, I bought a Milk French from Anderson Bakery.
As I contemplated eating it, I found myself fascinated with the subtle grooves and beauty in it.
I started drawing...and got a bit carried away.

After eating it and reverse engineering the recipe, I headed back for a binge of pastry.

The staff had a rather bemused look.
I think that they rather liked it, because they let me continue drawing.
As thanks, I gave Amy (a lass with a nice smile) a drawing of their saffron swirl danish.

After the asiatic sea salt sourdough, I decided to stop...

Yes, I'm a total dork...


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